Manga The Shadows of Thule (2023)

The Shadows of Thule (2023)

Summary The Shadows of Thule (2023)

Scotland, 2nd century AD. The Roman conquest stopped at Antonine's wall; beyond it lay the lands of the Gaels, and even further north, the wild hills of the Pictish people. When a Roman general, manipulated by a necromancer, decides to awaken an ancient plague and unleash it on the north, Cormak Mac Fianna, the last king of the Picts, unites his tribes to fight. But compared with the unstoppable Shadows from the ancient island of Thulé, their power pales and yesterday's enemies must join forces. For everyone, from the child to the king, from the scholar to the warrior, will have to fight against these titanic forces in a final battle for the survival of their world.





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The Shadows of Thule (2023)


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