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The Girl and the Glim

Summary The Girl and the Glim

An original graphic novel about being the new kid in a different school, getting picked on by the class bullies, and what happens when a magical presence takes notice. Starting out at a new school is tough, and Bridgette isn''t having much luck, seeing as, well, she''s not great at making a first impression. Or, maybe, any impression. For now the best she can manage is... awkward. That''s when they appear. Creatures dark and scary… Creatures only she can see. But if she can''t even face down the school bullies, how is she supposed to overcome literal monsters? Well, Bridgette is going to have to figure it out fast, because she might just be her town''s only hope. The Girl and The Glim is about accepting the fact that fear is okay, and that while letting other people see your vulnerabilities can be scary, it can also lead to closer friendships in the end.





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The Girl and the Glim





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