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Disheartened; After her fathers death, Paula is raised by her Uncle Ted and his family; Although shes treated well, Paula is resentful and feels indebted; She meets bus driver Danny and he appears to be interested in her, but she assumes hes attracted to her cousin Shirley. My False Love; Connie flirts and uses men to advance her own career, stealing her own sister Graces boyfriend Howard to get a better job, then flirting with Glen for a promotion; She discovers she actually loves Glen, but Howard tips him off to Connies true nature and Glen rejects her. French Quarter Romance text story. Romance Destroyed; Ronnie, her father, and her fiancé Tim work in a gasoline processing plant. Ronnies father is fired when one of his men is caught smoking; When her distraught father is injured after walking in front of a car, Ronnie blames Tim, the safety inspector, for both things; Ronnie takes a job managing the lunch counter at Jerrys bowling alley.





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Sweetheart Diary






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