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Marvel-Verse: Spider-Woman

Summary Marvel-Verse: Spider-Woman

To know her is to fear her – and to love her! Spider-Woman is one of the most captivating heroes in all the Marvel-Verse – and definitely one of the best dressed! Jessica Drew finalizes her iconic costume, pits her venom blasts against a criminal pair''s deadly lasers and beguiles S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Jerry Hunt! And when Spider-Woman meets Spider-Man, she accuses him of imitating her! But has Peter Parker arrived in Los Angeles just as Jessica has turned to a life of crime? Then, monster madness unites Jess with the Hulk! And finally, prepare for a Spider-Woman''s eye view of a cosmic event! As the Avengers head into space to confront the unstoppable Builder fleet, Jessica will show exactly why she is one of Earth''s Mightiest Heroes! Collects Spider-Woman (1978) #1, 20; Marvel Team-Up (1972) #97; Avengers Assemble (2012) #18-19.





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Marvel-Verse: Spider-Woman






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